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a486: Re: Origine of Haitian folktales "Bouki and Malice" (fwd)

From: LOUIS5@aol.com

Can anyone on the list help me with tracing back the origine of the Haitian
folktales.  I spoke to someone today who did her research study on the
subject.  She indicated to me that she had difficulty tracing back Bouki and
Malice's origine.  Her preliminary doctoral work was rejected because she was
using sources that were inaccurate.  Also, if anyone has recorded stories
from virgin sources, by that I mean stories recorded from Haitian peasants in
Creole and from people who are illiterate.  This group probably possesses the
"depot" of the real version.  I am anticipating that my research will take me
some place like Senegal or Gabon; in any event, a place in West Africa.

Please help me, I am willing to pay the price for the reproduction and the

I am the author of When Night Falls, Kric! Krac!  This book published by
Libraries Unlimited, 1999, has a collection of Haitian Folktales with Haitian
Recipes.  The stories in the book represent a more contemporary version,
although some of them can be traced back to 1850.  Thanks in advance, Liliane
Nerette Louis