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a487: Senou: A message to remember (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

A message to remember
Folks let get real and do not gamble on people
emotion. Haiti needs massive aid, at this particular
moment Haitians are not willing to invest in Haiti,
which is sad but it is truth and that true hurts. By
the end of this month, Haiti will be twenty-three
months short of its 200 years of independence.
Personal interests will drive some people willing for
our country to be under foreign occupation, which will
be a disgrace.
We had made mistake, if we are in this mess today.
Let’s not criticize anyone, let deal with the real
problem that faces the country openly without passion.

In Haiti and anywhere most Haitians live there is a
lack of respect, we don’t respect ourselves and this
is our main problem my friends.
Respect is universal; selective respect is no respect
at all. Sometimes my friends what you are saying make
sense but how you are saying it make the difference.
What is going on in Haiti is a mess but to fix it you
must be in it. May be some of you don’t understand the
Some of you despite living in the US, Canada and using
a pseudonym, are still afraid to talk openly and this
can be explained. The old generation had spent all
their life under dictatorship where everything was
censured; the people did not trust themselves they
have to rely on individual to take order or to give
them approbation.
Today things have changed my friends, in 1789 with the
proclamation of human rights the slaves of Haiti had
started a movement that was going to make us become
the first black rebellion state in western hemisphere.
 The Human Declaration of 1789 looked good on paper
but it was not going to be implemented, unless direct
pressure from the slaves was exerted.
Today in Haiti, there is fight going on; for the past
two hundred yeas a few crooks had dictated the Haitian
people, now the mass says NO. There is a problem, for
our personal interest we did not educate the mass and
we raise them in a way to remove those who are
talented to become “ the new Bourgeois” and make them
hate where they come from. Today, you see it natural
for someone who comes from the mass to turn his/her
back from these people. Your brain had been watched
already, it would take you years to see. Today, it’s
not impossible to see a Haitian scholar discussing
that French is the Language of Haiti. It is not
his/her fault. These are the consequences of slavery,
exploitation, domination and a politic of “ou pa la

With the idea of democracy, the Haitian people would
like that dream as well like our ancestors had wanted
the application of human rights that was signed in
1789. Over 60% of Haitian population is totally
illiterate, 35% is functionally illiterate ( you can
be a lawyer, doctor, professor and can be in that
category) which put Haiti with only 5% of people who
are literate. Among the 5% with the brain drain that
had started since 1957, we have in Haiti 1% of people
who are literate. If you see someone speaks French in
front of the mass with full knowledge that mass can
barley speak his native tongue, which is creole, that
Person with a Ph. D or not is functionally illiterate.
Look around you; you can see how many of our
compatriots who are functionally illiterate. Guess
what, they will bring books and books, articles and
articles to show the stage of their illiteracy. Some
are in the advanced stage and some are heading toward
The people are illiterate but they are not idiot, they
can be trained.
One thing remains certain Haitian people are not going
to return to the era where the government is appointed
by a foreign country. This is a No No. you know your
people already, using the politic of starvation with
people who are already starved will not move forward
the movement.

Where are we now? You know already option zero like
zero tolerance is impossible to meet; therefore the
actors shall find a compromise. This had been done
once in our history the compromise of Arcahais, we had
stressed on the Flag but it was a compromise when
“mulattos, Affranchis, former slaves and slaves”
recognized Dessalines as the head of the movement.
Today, we shall seek to reiterate May 18 again, it
might take a couple of years to reach the maturity
politic of our ancestors who understood at that time
unless they unite themselves they will not reach the
intended result. They were smarter than these folks
who are fighting for power today.
The international community has a desire to humiliate
Haiti for becoming the first black independent country
in the world: Penalty: to celebrate its 200 years of
independence under occupation. Remember Haiti was not
invited for the First head of State summit of
countries in this region and you know why.  You shall
never forget History my friends, because it might
repeat itself. You may not see it coming, but we can
stop it. To do that, we don’t have to go any further,
repeat what our ancestors had done 199 years ago at
Arcahais. I heard call for foreign intervention. Let
me say these words: “Who ever responsible for having
foreign troops in my native country when we are going
to celebrate our 200 years of independence shall
Maudit le jour de sa naissance” it would be a grave
mistake if these historic dates are stolen from us
then the world will know the real Haitian. May 18,
2003; November 18, 2003 and Jan 1st, 2004.  Jwet se
Jwet krochet pa la dan, pawol pale, pawol kompran-n.
Whatever anyone plans to do such as knock down the
government, fighting for power; election for whatever;
all this nonsense must stop 3 months prior May 18,
2003. Haitian people must live in peace at the
beginning of 2003 to prepare for 2004.

Joseph Alfred
W.L. Dept Chair and Varsity soccer Coach
P.O. BOX 334
Smyrna, GA 30081

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