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a515: Construction jobs en Hayti (fwd)

From: Jedidiah <his_voidness@yahoo.com>

I spent a few days en Centreville this week, at the top of
plas cham de mars. They are re-building part of the park
again. My personal count is that this is the third time
they have re-built large sections of the park since its
initial reconstruction.

Now, plas la is nice. It is very pleasant for lots of
folks to sit in the park at nite, folks roller skating,
riding bicycles, eating ice cream, watching the entertainers.
I rode around in one of the bicycle drawn rickshaws with
some children. That was fun.

Unfortunately, much other work could be done instead of
re-doing the park YET AGAIN.

For instance, thousand of people every day enter and leave
laville via bus. Station du nord, or station Okap is the
one I am most familiar with.

The road north of there has been destroyed and not worked
on for the 5 years I am personally familiar with.
The bridge immediately south of station was taken out last
year and no work is being done. Perhaps it is to punish
the Peugeot dealer right next to it, dunno. They are out
of business, anyway.

The route thru Site Soley to the unfinished okupasyon road
is now destroyed at the very end. The destruction is only
about 50 feet long, but for three months there has been
no work on it and all traffic detours thru the narrow
neighborhood streets.

This certainly contributes to the unhappiness of the
residents of Site.

Up north, happily, road crews are finally working on Route
National north of St Marc. Good bed is being laid all the
way past Port Sonde to where last years construction south
from Gonaive ended.

Unfortunately last years work has largely blown away in
the wind. A good base went down but the dust part of it
has gone with the wind. No sealer seems to have been put
down, much less asphalt cap.

Maybe some sealer went down, some spots seem semi-hard,
but an oil-gravel road needs refresher coats, especially
a heavily used one.

The road from Port Sonde up Verrette way has a good asphalt
surface and is holding up well. Of course, not nearly as
much traffic is there as on the route to Gonaive/Okap.
Folks call that road a Preval road.

So, why does the government have a dozen pieces of
heavy construction equipment tied up doing the park again
rather than fixing the route north out of town?

J. David Lyall,

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