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a516: Jean Jean Pierre ont post a503 by Kevin Pina (fwd)

From: JJEANPIERRE1@aol.com

Haiti: Radio Metropole highlights 1145 gmt 25 Jan 02
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Jan 26, 2002

2. The Democratic Convergence has reversed its decision not to contest the
26 November 2000 presidential election. The opposition maintains that future
discussions should include the 2000 electoral process. The Convergence has
based its decision on the events of July and December and on the corruption
that surrounds the management of the ruling party.

Although I suspect Kevin's "astonishment" by the above Radio Metropole's
to be just tongue and cheek, I'm not surprised a bit by the Convergence's
intransigence and arrogance. I'm going to make it my mission
to periodically remind Corbettlanders (as long as I'm allowed) that the
members of the Haitian "Democratic" Convergence could not care less about
real elections. They know those who support them in Haiti do not vote at all
(it is some nonsensical exercise practiced by those "stupid" masses) and
those who support them from the outside cannot.  So, with a couple of
exceptions, they have chosen the opposition as a profession.  Ask most of
them how do they make a living.
In today's Haiti, being a member of the opposition pays.  Lawrence Pezullo
(point man in Haiti for Clinton in 1993 and part of 1994) once told me in an
interview that if there is no real opposition to Aristide, our (US) job is to
create one.  Hence FRAPH and now the Convergence (all right I'm not comparing
the two.  Just the roles our great democracy confers them).  Another sport
analogy (a la Kevin): beside making a decent living, one of the goals of the
Convergence if to sit on the ball making sure that Aristide -in addition to
his own inertia and this obsessive illusion that the so-called Friends of
Haiti will help us- does not do a damn thing so they could always ask: What
have you done since you have been elected? Oops! From that election
we are still contesting anyway.  (Who said you cannot have the cake and eat
it too?)

Remember folks, every time we say 2004, the so-called Friends of Haiti will
do everything so we cannot remind the world of the role Haiti has
traditionally played
in spreading the true principle of liberty around the world.
But you see, because this a low intensity warfare and we  Haitians have so
well cultivated the art of hating and destroying ourselves,   The Friends of
Haiti use us
as proxies to get the job done.  Boy, we are really stupid.
jean jean pierre