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a551: Re a535 Crisis of Confidence in Haiti (fwd)

From: Olivier Nadal o_nadal@bellsouth.net

I am very surprised to hear that the Lavalas Government has succeeded in
fighting AIDS in Haiti. The GOH has on the contrary done nothing to fight
Aids. All the hard  work comes from private foundations, NGOs and private
I want to know why Mr. Aristide closed down the CDS ( Centres de Sante) that
were giving a very good job in  providing healthcare for haitians in Cite
Soleil and  all around Haiti during many years. CDS was expanding its
facilities when Aristide decided to get rid of them.He forced them to close
by sending his chimeres who threatened the Boulos family.Aristide is now
asking to buy Pharval , the Pharmaceutical company and is making all kind of
threats to the Boulos family like a don mafia to force them to accept his
offer. Direct deaths threats are being made to Mr. Rudy Boulos from
Tabarre.This is unacceptable.We are fed up of the Lavalas threats. Is there
out there a lavalas that can give me an explanation concerning the shut down
of the CDS?
The Lavalas propaganda for AIDS fighting is to collect money from the
international donors.This money if it is ever given will go directly on the
bank account of the Aristide Foundation and will disappear. The GOH is
highly corrupted and incompetent.
 Haitians  have lost today confidence in the GOH. It is not Haiti that is
under developed but the men in power.They are mentally under developed and
incompetent for the job.
Olivier Nadal