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a552: Fw: Re a542: Aristide willing to pay friendly visit toopposition brothers : Loss of time. (fwd)

From: Olivier Nadal <o_nadal@bellsouth.net>

> It is very foolish to think that Aristide wants sincerely to meet with the
> opposition leaders.The international community is warming his buttom to do
> so. But , we know that Aristide is not sincere.For more than a year , he
> never sat with Convergence.Why? Certainly, because he thinks he is the
> of Haiti and every haitian should  come and kneel in front of him.Aristide
> wants to buy some time and shows to  the world that  he is a man of
> dialogue.But he is not and has never been. How come the Convergence can
> with a man that wants its death and has already proven that he will use
> violence to silence them? We will never have peace and democracy with
> Aristide in power.Sorry for his followers, but as far as I am concerned I
> will always oppose EVIL.
> Olivier Nadal