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a554: Selecting a New Prime Minister and General Amnesty (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Selecting a New Prime minister
The fate of a country cannot be decided by a few. Bush
had won the most controversial election in US history;
he had created a compromise cabinet. Mr. James Baker
was going to be appointed to the Secretary of State or
chief of Staff, he declined and gave that noble
suggestion to Bush to create a coalition government
and put in key post national and well-respected
figure. Gen Collin Powell could have served under any
party without any problem. Now, Haiti is facing a big
crisis, without a compromise government the stalemate
will remain as is for the next four years. Politic is
Politic, do not bring any passion or morality it won't
work and do not try to capitalize on people emotion.
It is a quick fix but it won't last.
The Haitian President should negotiate personally with
various opposing groups in Haiti before appointing the
new Prime Minister (since Lavalas control the senate,
I take the liberty to use appointment instead of
nomination) in Haiti we have some national figure,
there are some folks, the people would be willing to
give a chance, if Mr. Aristide is serious about
finding a solution to this eternal crisis, he should
take that route instead choosing a loyalist. The
President has the rights to nominate anyone, it is up
to the Haitian congress to approve or reject his
I urge the president after meeting with the opposition
to go ahead and appoint a new person without any
constrain. That new person will enjoy the benefit of
doubt we need that now. He/she should keep for some
time everyone guessing and at the same time putting
some structure in place. He should appoint known
figure in key post, a country cannot be governed by a
group of friends, sorry.
Now the Haitian president is facing his toughest test,
the appointment of a new Prime Minister. At first he
was easy to call the members of the Lavalas family to
make that selection, but it is risky. Anyone within
the Lavalas family who accepts that post without a
political compromise will not last. It's 5 to noon (
midi moins cinq) C'est déjà vue.
1) Appoint a national figure without any constrain
2) Create a new CEP
3) Set a date for congressional election (Senate and
house) 3 months or less
4) Reduce the mandate of the President from 5 to 4
years and to play fair the President should reduce his
term as well in order to avoid confrontation in the
5) After what had happened last December ( we have
seen some similarities between Duvalier and the
current government), the game is tied now there is a
need for a national reconciliation; a general amnesty
to all crimes committed from independence up to today.
But in order to take that advantage one must confess
of it close door in front a 7 judges panel the members
of that panel must be 70 years and up. This shall be
made public 70 years from now for history. (Death
penalty should be imposed to Anyone who there reveals
the content of that book prior the expected released
date which shall be 2072).Some might be against that
idea, and you have good reasons, I wish it could have
come from a victim family. Revenge will bring more
revenge; even the sons/daughters of most Haitian
criminals would take revenge for their parents, so in
order to stop that circle we shall forgive everyone
but don't forget.

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