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a593: Re: 580: HAITIAN SUMMER INSTITUTE (2nd Posting) (fwd)

From: Mark Schuller <marky@umail.ucsb.edu>

I have to say that this program was an excellent introduction to Haiti.

The language instruction was essential, and a key component to this program, but i learned a lot by being in and around Little Haiti and meeting the various faculty (Haitian or otherwise) who study Haiti in the Haitian culture class.  We met NGOs in both Little Haiti and Port-au-Prince.  We also got a tour of the archives, the faculty of ethnology, the palace and legislative building, tons of art, as well as the sights and histories of Jacmel, Cap Haitian, Gonaives and Kenscoff.  It was, as i said, a perfect introduction to Haitian culture, history and the people of Haiti.

Quoting Bob Corbett <corbetre@webster.edu>:

> From: Jean-Robert Cadely <cadelyj@fiu.edu>
> Miami: July 8 - July 26
> Haiti: August 2 - August 18
> The Latin American and Caribbean Center (LACC) at Florida
> International
> University (FIU) will hold its 5th annual HAITIAN SUMMER INSTITUTE
> from
> July 8 - August 18, 2002. The thematic focus is HAITI: LANGUAGE,
> and SOCIETY. The institute features intensive introductory language
> training as well as lectures and discussions on Haitian culture and
> society. The program offers the opportunity to develop knowledge of
> Haitian Creole and gain a better understanding about the past, present
> and future of Haiti.
> The HAITIAN SUMMER INSTITUTE takes advantage of FIU's location in
> Miami,
> home to a vibrant Haitian community. Students will be in daily contact
> with native speakers of Haitian Creole.
> The HAITIAN SUMMER INSTITUTE is open to regular and non-degree seeking
> students. It is designed for those already enrolled in an academic
> program, for teachers in the public school system who want to increase
> their knowledge of Haiti and the Haitian diaspora, and for those in
> the
> general public who are interested in Haiti and its language, culture
> and
> society. The program includes three weeks (July 8 - July 26) of two
> intensive courses -  Accelerated Haitian Creole (HAI 3213) and Haiti:
> Language and Culture (HAI 3500/5235) - which take place at the
> University Park Campus of FIU in Miami. The institute offers an
> optional
> two weeks (August 2 - August 18) in Haiti, during which students will
> have the opportunity to enrich their understanding of the country
> through additional coursework and educational excursions. The itineray
> includes: Port-au-Prince, Jacmel and Cap-Haitien. Students may
> register
> for one or both portions of the program. The approximate cost of the
> travel portion is $2,000.00. This includes round-trip air
> transportation
> between Miami and Port-au-Prince, transportation within Haiti, hotel
> accomodations and meals.
> The HAITIAN SUMMER INSTITUTE focuses on Haiti through an
> interdisciplinary approach. Distinguished specialists and guest
> speakers: Dr. Paul Latortue (Economics, University of Puerto Rico),
> Dr.
> Gerald Murray (Anthropology, University of Florida), Dr. Pierre Vernet
> (Sociolinguistics, State University of Haiti), Dr. Terry Rey
> (Religious
> Studies, FIU), Dr. Ken I. Boodhoo (International Realtions, FIU), Dr.
> William Walker (History, FIU), Dr. Eduardo Gamarra (Political Science,
> FIU), Prof. Louinès Louinis (Haitian danse), Mss. Marleine Bastien,
> Gepsie Métélus, Carline Paul, Léonie Hermantin (Haitian community
> leaders) will join the institute to lecture and conduct discussions on
> Haitian culture and history. The institute takes place during the
> Summer
> B term. Students wishing to enroll in the Miami-based portion may
> register in person, by telephone, by e-mail, or on the web. Interested
> applicants for the Study/Travel should complete the study abroad
> on-line application.
> Photos from the Haitian Institute, 2001 can be seen at:
> http:// lacc.fiu.edu/Academic_Programs/SP_frm.htm
> Dr. Jean-Robert Cadely
> Director, Haitian Institute
> FIU Biscayne Bay Campus
> Phone: 305-919-5968
> Fax: 305-919-5964/5896
> E-mail: cadelyj@fiu.edu
> Liesl Picard
> Coordinator, Haitian Institute
> FIU University Park Campus
> Phone: 305-348-2894
> Fax: 305-348-3593
> E-mail: picardl@fiu.edu



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