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a595: Re: a592: A cleaner, healthier natural environment (fwd)

From: JRAuguste1@aol.com

Nice writing Mr. Guy Antoine but what do you propose we do collectively
and/or individually to wash Haiti's face?

Not so long ago my brother-in-law took me by motor boat to a very small
island in the bay of Port-au-Prince, about midway between Lulie and La
Gonave. The lapping water was clear as day and the white sandy beach was
beautiful and immaculate on the side facing La Gonave. As to the beach facing
the main land one could see stack and stack of juna bottles and the plastic
around 6 packs brought along by the waves and currents. It was a sad sight
that spoiled this short leisure trip. Yes, for many years now I have not seen
the woodpeckers like I used to as a child at Turgeau where I grew up near
President Magloire residence (La Grotte area). Reason: there are no more "pie
palmis" or not enough suitable trees in the area to provide an habitat for
the woodpeckers. Have you seen any zoizo palmis (Haiti's symbolic bird)
lately in Haiti?

Traveling back to Port-au-Prince from Lulie, Ibo Beach, a sharp observer can
see a thin blue smoke cover over Port-au-Prince in the distance; courtesy of
all the tap tap mufflers with their black thick exhausts. Does the government
do car inspection in Haiti? Is there any automobile emission control in

So, what do you propose?

J-R. Auguste