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a599: Re: a595: Re: a592: A cleaner, healthier natural environment(fwd)

From: MaryEllen Sanok <potteryrn@yahoo.com>

it seems others have noticed the condition of Haiti's
environmental health.  Here is part of an article in
today's NY Times, the rest can be obtained from

February 2, 2002

Study Puts Finland First, and U.S. 51st, in
Environmental Health


ASHINGTON, Feb. 1  A new study of 142 countries has
found that Finland ranks first in the world for its
environmental health and the United Arab Emirates
ranks last, with the United States coming in at 51.

The top five countries were Finland, Norway, Sweden,
Canada and Switzerland. The five worst were Haiti,
Iraq, North Korea, Kuwait and the Emirates.

yes, what can be done to help maintain and process ALL
of the trash, etc. in Haiti so the beauty can really
be seen????