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a600: RE: a598: Re: a595-a592: A cleaner, healthier natural environment- Antoine responds to Auguste (fwd)

From: Steven White <polanve@optonline.net>
     healthier natural environment - Antoine responds to Auguste (fwd)

I would like to add to Guy's proposed solutions to the juna crisis: a
container redemption plan which collects a penny or two per non-reusable
container from the wholesaler and redeems the penny for empties turned in at
a central location.  The plastic can then be sold to a recycler, which could
partially or wholly offset the costs of the program, or possibly even turn a
profit, depending on the price of recycled plastic.  This is similar to the
recycling plan we have in NY, except that the collection and redemption here
is done at the retail level, which I think might be impractical in Haiti,
given the number and size of the retailers.  I suppose that there are some
folks who subscribe to the Corbett list who have contact with legislators
who could propose such a thing.  The political will to get it done might be
that there might be a large number of constituents who would benefit from
collecting discarded bottles.