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a601: BBC: A group of State University professors issues a call topartisans of democracy and social progress to oppose state terrorism, (fwd)

From: Robert Benodin <r.benodin@worldnet.att.net>

Haiti: Radio Metropole highlights 1145 gmt 01 Feb 02
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Feb 2, 2002

2. The Senate of the Republic has returned the Jean Dominique case to the
office of the examining judge for lack of information. Following a stormy
session, the parliamentarians confirmed the recommendations of the special
commission that studied the possibility of lifting Dany Toussaint's
parliamentary immunity. (4 min) (FBIS will process this item)
3. The Caricom delegation ended its three-day fact-finding mission
yesterday. The chief of the mission acknowledged that the resumption of the
negotiations is now hypothetical following the 17 December events, which
need to be elucidated. Julian Hunte, foreign minister of Saint-Lucia,
expressed his concern over the fragility of the country's institutions. (3
min) (FBIS will process this item)
4. The government expressed satisfaction with the work done by the Caricom
mission during its stay in Haiti. In a communique read by the communication
minister, the government explains that the head of state has reaffirmed his
full support for the deployment of the next two OAS missions. (1 min)
5. The Lavalas government says it is confident that a far-reaching agreement
with the opposition will be reached. The current team said it is doing
everything in its power to facilitate a final solution to the present
impasse. Informal contacts have been made with members of the Convergence in
the last few days, according to members of the ruling party. (3 min)
7. The business sector is worried about the deteriorating situation. Three
weeks ago members of the business community sent the president of the
Republic a memorandum expressing their concerns. They criticize the
executive, legislative, and judicial branches. The private sector denounces
the attitude of members of the executive branch that "appear to show an
unfavourable prejudice against taxpayers by making unjustifiable generous
gifts to government supporters." (3 min)
8. A group of State University professors issues a call to partisans of
democracy and social progress to defend the freedom of intellectual work and
to oppose state terrorism, which is once again being established in the
country. In taking a stand on the 17 December events, the educators warn
society against the return of "obscurantism." (2 min)
9. Agriculture Minister Sebastien Hilaire explains the nature of the work
being done on the Peligre hydroelectric dam. The project will create a water
shortage for rice plantations in the Artibonite valley. Hilaire explains
that the cleanup project is necessary for the survival of the dam. He took
the opportunity to reassure the people of the Artibonite who have expressed
their fears that the project will have a negative impact on irrigation of
the valley. He explains that there will still be water that will flow down
the valley. (4 min)
10. Former Artibonite Senator Samuel Madistin deplores the lack of
transparency surrounding the rehabilitation of the Peligre dam. Madistin
denounces the quasi-exclusive utilization of the dam for energy production.
According to the former parliamentarian, the project will result in a drop
in agricultural production in the region. He invites the decisionmakers to
correct the situation while reminding them of the study that was made in
view of an increase in rice production in the Artibonite area. (2 min)
11. Deputy Jocelyn Saint-Louis, who was accused of involvement in the murder
of Mayor Fernand Severe, has taken legal action against Public Prosecutor
Josue Pierre-Louis. Pierre-Louis boycotted the summons that was issued
against him based on Article 26.1 of the Constitution that prohibits
prolonged detention. The deputy's lawyer, Rigaud Duplan, condemns the
attitude of the public prosecutor. (2 min)
Source: Radio Metropole, Port-au-Prince, in French 1145 gmt 1 Feb 02
/BBC Monitoring/  BBC.