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a602: AIDS issue

From: Affuller@aol.com

In a recent post, Hyppolite Pierre praised the Haitian government's effort
AIDS.  Looking back over the list, I found one recent piece with a
spin on this campaign, a Reuters story by Michael Deibert from Jan. 22,
a450, a couple of paragraphs of which I quote below.)  Does anyone know
about the government's program, and especially the clinics for testing and
treatment in of each of Haiti's nine departments, mentioned in the

 " PORT-AU-PRINCE, Jan 22 (Reuters) - Surrounded by posters of smiling
couples holding packets of condoms, students, educators and officials
gathered at a health clinic recently for some honest talk on AIDS, a key
step in the fight against the public health scourge of this impoverished
Caribbean nation.
  Haiti's government has pressed ahead with attempts to halt the spread
of a disease that stigmatized Haitians in the 1980s despite an ongoing
political crisis that has strangled the flow of foreign aid destined for
the front lines of the AIDS war.....
  Brightly painted banners bearing public health slogans, posters
promoting condoms, frank public discourse and a growing number of clinics
are all part of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide's ambitious battle plan
against AIDS, one of a series of social reforms proposed by Haiti's first
freely elected leader in his second term in office.....
  Currently there are clinics for HIV and AIDS testing and treatment in
the capital of each of Haiti's nine departments and two in the national
capital, Port-au-Prince. The government plan calls for increasing the
number of clinics....."