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a659: Re: a635 Committee to Defend Democracy in Haiti (fwd)

From: Jacd28@netscape.net

Maybe I didn't read right.  Is that the same Dejean Belizaire who was part of the regime that came from the bloody military coup d'état of 1991?
The man who stubbornly defended the military while they were openly killing thousands of Haitians? Is this a joke? Is it desperation?
I think the members of that organization (Ray Joseph of Haiti Observateur is also the Convergence spokesperson in New York) are afraid that the Haitian military cretins can't successfully mount another coup because Aristide is being protected by the same Americans special forces who had trained them at Fort Benning, Georgia. Wow! This is the first money well spent by Aristide.
Much better than that which he spends on his lobbyists in Washington.
Jack de Gwogren