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a660: Re: a610: A cleaner, healthier natural environment - Lyallcomments (fwd)

From: Jedidiah Daudi Lyall <village@lyalls.net>

After watching the accomplishments of various governments of Haiti in
environmental fields (none), and  living with poor folks it is hard to
optimistic at all.

The Nouvelliste had an advertisment from the water authority of PVille
announcing the imminent collapse of the water supply and advising
that they were submitting applications for foriegners to come and
fix the problem.

It is far past time for the local governments of Hayti to take some
responsibility for the WATERSHEDS which make water  possible
at all.

While standing on the beach of St Marc and watching new forest fires
on the mountain range I commented to myself "pa bon" while shaking
my head. My friends think that burning down the few scrub brush trees
that struggle out of that mother rock is good.

Cap Haitian has mud flows covering the center  of town during their

Hey, there are reasons for these disasters!
It is  not brain surgery, or even rocket science.
Se pa  pou Daddy!
J.  David Lyall