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a661: Aristide Government Scorecard Issued by Haitian RightsCoalition (fwd)

From: Stanley Lucas <slucas@iri.org>

Aristide Government Scorecard Issued by Haitian Rights Coalition
The National Coalition for Haitian Rights (Haiti) issued a brief 7-page report on President Jean-Bertrand Aristide's performance since he took office a year ago on February 7. Overall, the report describes Haiti under Aristide as a country where the rule of law, anti-corruption efforts and socio-economic progress remain dreams deferred.  The key findings of the report are the following:

Pro-government forces quashed peaceful anti-government demonstrations in Hinche, Petionville, Arcahaie, Cap-Haitien, Cayes, Estere, Saint-Marc, Gonaives, Plaisance, Port-de-Paix, Belle-Anse & Grand-Gosier. In all these instances they enjoyed the complicity of the Haitian National Police
Freedom of expression is threatened as never before since President Aristide's reinstatement in 1994. Leaders of popular organizations and elected Lavalas official issue death threats regularly and publicly against the independent press.
The Prosecutor's Office in Port-au-Prince has defied at least three court orders [for the release of persons illegally detained * Prosper Avril, Guy Francois & Mario Andresol]
The police has failed to execute court-issued warrants
Pro-government supporters such as Ronald Camille and Franco Camille, implicated in murders and against whom arrest warrants have been issued, enjoy impunity
The Senate has overstepped its constitutional authority by transforming itself into a tribunal with the power to review the evidence collected by the court investigating the murder of Jean L. Dominique
The police's refusal to disarm armed gangs, notably in Cite Soleil, creates an atmosphere of chaos and lawlessness.
When NCHR reported on greater politicization of the police, a list of several human rights advocates to be eliminated was drawn up by the National Police
The year 2001 was marked by corruption scandals ranging from extravagant purchases of luxury homes for top government officials to illicit revenue schemes from the issuance of passports under the aegis of the Ministry of Interior and rice scandals involving the government officials and a private non-governmental foundation led by President Aristide.
The report is currently available in French. An English version of the report will be made available shortly.