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a670: Re: a659: Re: a635 Committee to Defend Democracy in Haiti(fwd)

From: P Louissaint <totalcapital@email.com>

It is unfair to blast Dejaen Belizaire this way. This is very ironic. I do not know him personally but I do remember that he was among the opposants beaten by Prosper Avril (with Evans Paul,Serge Gilles etc...) at a time when they were fighting a military dictatorship.

You should evaluate a politician with all the facts and not just zoom in...

I have also noticed that politicians like Gerard Pierre-Charles, Gerard Gourgues, Micha Gaillard are now considered anti-democratic since they are members of the CONVERGENCE.

It wold be easy if everything was BLACK and WHITE but we have to deal with so many shades of gray... And who said that Aristide has the monopoly of democratic methods ? He did talk about transparence in 1991. Since then, he has removed that word permanently from his 6000 words populist vocabulary.


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