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a671: Haitian born author

>From legrace@twcny.rr.com

Lenelle N. Moise, a senior at Ithaca College, is author of Purple,
currently in
performance at Ithaca's Kitchen Theater.
According to Stephen Landesman's article in the Ithaca Journal, the play
as a fiction assignment at Ithaca College, and blossomed into this
offering aimed especially at a teen audience.

In her home city of Cambridge, Mass., she was active in helping to create
drama curriculum for the Cambridge Schools Sisters Group, "a tuition-free
program for underpriveleged girls from various ethnic background living in
Cambridge."  She also worked for the Arts & Civic Dialoge project in
Cambridge and served as a liaison to the administration of Cmabridge

Landesman notes her three previous plays, books of poetry, and winning the
Ithaca Grand Poetry Slam in 2000.

Purple, funded in part by a grant from the Saltonstall Foundation for the
concerns the struggles of a girl of 15, bi-racial and trying find a way to
herself and at the same time fit into a small-town community.

Lenelle Moise was born in Haiti but came to the United States as ayoung
growing up in Cambridge.
Headline over her picture: "Purple" Paints outside the Lines.
Congratulations, Lenelle Moise