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a698: Question about Vodou flag (fwd)

From: Leahgordon@aol.com

We are currently putting together a show which depicts the female spirits of
Vodou. We have a flag by Silva Joseph which we cannot really decipher - can
anyone help?
The flag is entitle LAREINE-C
It shows a woman wearing a red scarf and black dress with white collar and
edging. Next to her is either a pestle and mortar or perhaps a drum and
beater - hard to tell with sequins. A thin green snake with either a red
crown or perhaps a comb (like a cockerel) encircles the woman whilst his body
passes through a bottle or perhaps govi. The woman holds a red stick which
she holds to the forked red toungue of the snake thereby (my interpretation)
controlling him.
Can anyone help - even with a description of Lareine-c or La reine - is she a
depiction of a hounsi - I have heard of reines drapeaux and reines silences -
any relation. We are using this exhibition in order to women's role in both
secular and sacred Haiti and an accurate reading of this flags hopefully
would shed some light on women's role in Vodou practice.
Thanking you - Leah Gordon
The exhibition 'The Female spirits of Vodou'
opens on 14th Feb with a St Valentines Day Party, serving pink champagne for
Freda and dark rum for Dantor, and runs until 9th March at
Charlotte Street Gallery
28 Charlotte Street
London W1T 2NA
020 7255 2828