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a699: The US Government has rejected the request by the Caricomcountries to release the international aid to Haiti. (fwd)

From: Robert Benodin <r.benodin@worldnet.att.net>

Haiti: Radio Metropole highlights 1145 gmt 8 Feb 02
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Feb 9, 2002

2. A terrible accident happened last night in Carrefour-Feuille, when a
high-voltage electric cable caught fire and fell on people in a marketplace.
A least 10 people were electrocuted and died immediately, and several others
were taken to the hospital for serious injuries. The people in the area are
demonstrating this morning against the Electricity Company, which they
accuse of negligence. They have blocked roads in the area and have smashed
car windows. (2 min)
3. President Jean-Bertrand Aristide openly criticized the opposition, the
international community, and the economic elite in a declaration in Leogane
yesterday on the occasion of the 7 February celebration. (3 min)
4. The US Government has rejected the request by the Caricom countries to
release the international aid to Haiti. In a meeting with Caricom foreign
ministers in Nassau, the Bahamas, Secretary of State Colin Powell questioned
the credibility of the Aristide government. (3 min)
5. Communications Minister Guy Paul described as immoral and hypocritical
the attitude of the US Government, which has decides to maintain the freeze
on financial aid to Haiti due to the persistence of the crisis. Paul says
the position of the US Government and Secretary of State Colin Powell is
incorrect, while the Caricom has reiterated its call in favour of the
resumption of the international aid. According to Paul, the United States
should to recognize that President Aristide has made a lot of concessions to
find a resolution to the crisis. (3 min)
6. The Democratic Convergence is pleased with the position taken by US
Secretary of State Colin Powell on the question of the resumption of the
financial aid. The opposition seizes the occasion to denounce the call
issued by the Caricom and asks the president of the Republic to take
concrete actions. (3 min)
8. The US Embassy in Haiti describes the release of two Colombian drug
traffickers under suspicious circumstances as unacceptable. (2 min)
9. Caricom has decided to reinforce its structures following its meeting in
Belize on 3-5 February. Several arrangements are envisaged to improve the
situation within the Caribbean community. The establishment of a special
court for conflict resolution is planned. (4 min)
10. Another journalist has been attacked in Les Cayes by a people's
organization [OP] member. The OP member struck journalist Gregory Delisca of
Radio Excelsior several times with a machete and accused him of being a
supporter of Senator Yvon Feuille. (1 min)
11. An agreement has been signed between the French Government and several
health organizations in Haiti on HIV prevention. (4 min)
Source: Radio Metropole, Port-au-Prince, in French 1145 gmt 8 Feb 02
/BBC Monitoring/  BBC.