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Old news items and sources: AN IMPORTANT CHANGE IN LIST POLICY

Folks, all current news concerning Haiti is welcome on the list.

However, "old" news which is not recycled without some quite relevant
reason in relation to comtemporary issue, just clogs up the list.

Much of that "old" material was posted on the list when it was current.

Similarly with news stories, or what are posted as though they are
news stories (as opposed to the poster's analysis or personal position),
are one's where unless there is good reason that the source is not
available, is likewise misleading and often leads to things appearing as
though they are current when they are not.

I will cease posting news items which do not have the date of the aritcle
and the source, unless the note is accompanied by some explanation of why
these are not available.

Similarly, I will cease posting old items unless a case is made for their
current relevance.