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a725: Thesis project

From: Jasmine Clerisme <clerisme@Princeton.EDU>

[Please respond directly to Jasmine at her princeton.edu address]

As a fourth year student at Princeton University, I am conducting research
my Senior Thesis. The topic that I have chosen to treat is the role played
civil society in Haiti's democratization process. This research expands
upon my
Junior Independent Project, which looked at the role of the Catholic
progressive movement (ti legliz) in democratization efforts. In addition
to the
ti legliz movement, I am considering the role played by peasant
women's groups, and the media in Haiti. I am currently searching for
sources of
information, as I do not have a vast supply to choose from at my school
would appreciate any insight that you may be able to provide. I will also
travelling to Haiti briefly, so any suggestions that you may have about
to visit or people to contact would also be very helpful. This message is
a brief introduction--if you would like, I can send you a more detailed
description of my research project and needs. I hope to hear from you

Thank you,
Jasmine Clerisme