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a724: Re: 710: Various sectors are disappointed by Aristide'sfirst year in office (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Good morning ladies and gentlemen
On may 18, 2002, we are not going only to commemorate
the Flag and the Alliance of Arcahais ( congrès de
l’Arcahais) but we will take that unique opportunity
to reiterate that Alliance in metro Atlanta.
In that session will have all the activities that had
taken place last January and each of you who had
checked your area of interest will receive more info
and start working toward making a reality.
The Launch of the Tri-lingual Newsletter is set for
this summer as well as some sports activities such as
tennis, soccer, volley ball and ping pong; the book
and the poetry club.
Remember we are going to use things that had already
been existed; we expect in the next few months to
contact some libraries in the metro to add some
Haitian books in their collection or add more Haitian
book in some Caribbean center already existed. We are
working on the site which is free, most of us have our
personal website, we could have created HCR.org or net
but this won’t happen and there is a reason for that.
In the book club, our students need to read in order
to score high in their SAT or ACT and you know a high
score can land them in some prestigious Universities.
We as professional Haitian living in the metro will
provide our free time to help grow our community, as
an educator, the ROI does not have always to include
monetary profit, but seeing a large number of Haitian
graduating from High school, attending prestigious
universities, elected in some political posts anywhere
in the nation, is a good investment.
Why providing free Creole and French courses to our
youths or anyone interested in learning them NB: these
courses are not limited to Haitian only, it is open to
all; we may find course material from the French
consulate in Atl and I have good contact with them
since they are promoting the studies of French
language throughout the US.
My Friends, we will use things that had already
existed and available and we are not going to do
anything out of ordinary, we just do things that we
are doing right now.

At this initial stage, we are looking for serious
people who can commit themselves and who can keep
their words. We come here as adults and professional,
we will maintain a professional relationship at all
times and you can expect that in HCR. Many people
after living away of Haiti for over 21 years are
reluctant to take part in many things not because they
don’t want to but they just don’t want to get into
“peck mel or nonsense stuff” in HCR, you are not going
to find that. All HCR events shall be compatible for
kids, youths, husband and wife, parents and their
children. It is new not only in our community, but
remember you have the skills and the ability to create
new things, to bring new innovation and to leave a
legacy for others to follow.

Remember to attend the next HCR event on May 18, 2002
Avondale High School
1192 Clarendon Avenue
Avondale Estates, Georgia 30002
Please let us know if you plan to attend by March 22,
2002, you can invite your friends, don’t forget to
bring your kids and remember they must have S+ in
behavior; (NB: you know your kids) and if you have a
special talent or your kids let us know if they will
be interested to perform; again you are not going to
be only a Guest but as a participant as well.

interested in taking part
please send an email to: haitian_atl@yahoo.com

Joseph Alfred
P.O. BOX 334
Smyrna, GA 30081

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