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a838: Re: a831: Haitian or not Haitian?Dorce to Cleo (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 02/18/2002 11:38:44 AM Pacific Standard Time,

<< Sorry, but I know many people of different nationalities who are more
 in heart than the many opportunists who have raped the country for so many
 years. >>
So do I, and they all respect the culture of Haiti......even (or especially)
Vodou!  And by the way, being a good person doesn't qualify one for a
particular nationality.  Like it or not, Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson and
various other baddies are AMERICAN....if you're a bad person and you are
Haitian, you are still Haitian........and if you are a guest in Haiti (for
however many years it may be and however good you may be) you are possibly
accepted and loved but you are not Haitian......and you will never be
Haitian.  There is nothing noble about nationality, but there is in how we
conduct ourselves in the world.  As the doctor's creed goes, "Do no harm".