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a839: Re: a822:Satan/Protestant discussion Dorce to Bosma (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 02/18/2002 6:02:07 AM Pacific Standard Time, Ken/Jenni
Bosma <bosma@worldteam.org>writes:

<< I believe there is a spiritual problem in Haiti, just like there is a
 spiritual problem in the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, everywhere. The root of
 this spiritual problem is a faulty way of thinking, a faulty way of
 understanding one's "fit" in the world around him or her. Here are some
 faulty beliefs that we hear expressed regularly by our Haitian friends, both
 Christian and non-Christian: >>
Guess what?  YOU don't get to say what is right and what is wrong for
Haitians or even the guy next door.  That is a spiritual quest each person
goes on in his lifetime.  It is not for man to say for others, only himself.
In my humble opinion, you are the one with faulty beliefs.  Does that make it
so?  No........it may be very soul satisfying to you, while it gives me the
creeps.  I am not wrong either.  We are both right.  My way gives respect to
other ways of thinking and believing, yours is disrespectul of others and
assumes your superiority.  Haiti is not wrong.  How bout this?  Only go where
you are invited, and don't pay the people to believe your way........see what
happens.  Haiti has more spirituality than the whole of the United States.
What you are trying to fix, ain't broke.