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a854: Lawmaker's assasination

From: Bruce Wharram <bruce.wharram@sev.org>

Comparing the Reuters and the AP articles regarding the recent
assassination of
a Haitian lawmaker and the differences in the "facts" reported, I begin to
wonder again who to believe when it comes to reporting major news items.
Consider the reported "facts":

Reuters                                        AP
 Name spelling:                  Durogene
Location:                            Appears to be Gonaives
Appears to be PaP
Circumstances:                   Sitting in car with bodyguards    Driving
with wife beside him

   daughter & bodyguards in back
Cause of shooting:               Argument between gunmen         Refusal
Dirogene to give gunmen
bodyguards                            a ride

If the newsgroups can't get these relatively simple facts correct, and who
knows what's correct here, how are to believe the facts of the more major

Bruce Wharram