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a853: Re: a780: Human Rights Watch and the Equal Application of Standards(fwd)

From: Joanne Mariner <marinej@hrw.org>

Kevin Pina is simply wrong -- and egregiously so -- in stating that
Human Rights Watch has not thrown its weight behind the effort to bring
Emmanuel "Toto" Constant to justice.  In fact, Human Rights Watch has
been at the forefront of efforts to pressure the U.S. government to
deport Constant to Haiti for trial.  Since Constant's flight into exile,
we have raised the issue in countless letters, advocacy documents, and
government meetings.

Most recently, in the introduction to our World Report 2002, published
last month, we criticized the U.S. for continuing to "shelter Emmanuel
'Toto' Constant, the ruthless former Haitian paramilitary leader, from
Haiti's efforts to secure him for trial."

Judging from Pina's postings, what actually bothers him is Human Rights
Watch's willingness to criticize the current Haitian leadership for the
country's deplorable human rights conditions.  But such criticisms do
not, as he asserts, demonstrate our inconsistent application of human
rights standards, but instead attest to the organization's impartiality,
consistency and objectivity.

The following documents, easily accessible on Human Rights Watch's
website, should give a sense of our advocacy around the cases of
Constant and others implicated in crimes against humanity during Haiti's
de facto military government:

Introduction to World Report 2002:

Letter to Attorney General Janet Reno and Secretary Madeleine Albright
requesting that Constant be deported:

Press release calling for Constant's deportation

Letter to President Bush outlining a human rights agenda for his
administration, citing the deportation of Constant as a key concern:

Letter to Albright requesting Constant's deportation:

Brochure on the "Pinochet Precedent" citing Constant as among the most
notable human rights violators living in exile abroad:

Letter to Panamanian President calling for the deportation of two
Haitians accused of committing crimes against humanity during the de
facto military government:

Joanne Mariner
Human Rights Watch