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a857: Vodou film screening in London, UK (fwd)

From: Tttnhm@aol.com

Film screening in London, UK

Lineaments of the Lwa
A film by Leah Gordon, Ranu Mukherjee & Maggie Roberts
Produced by the Haiti Support Group
Made in the Orphandrift Studios

The Charlotte Street Gallery
Friday 8th March
6.00pm - 8.30pm

The screening will take place at the Charlotte Street Hotel at 6.30pm lasting
30 minutes - No latecomers will be admitted.

Lineaments of the Lwa is a film essay on Vodou and its emergent spirits
(lwa). The film portrays the spirits as manifest in Haitian arts and ritual,
as well as in the elemental forces, the streets, markets and the countryside.

The half-hour film shows that Vodou is not merely a vestigal primitive belief
system nor a bizarre legacy of the slave trade, but a living and pertinent,
contemporary religious practice that forms an essential part of cultural life
in Haiti.

The film shows how Haitian art functions to keep the spirits alive in the
minds and the hearts of the Haitian people. It assists in contextualizing the
art of Haiti and the essence of Vodou faith for those who have not been
witness to it. It underscores the transformation of the everyday into the
divine, and the divine into the everyday, which is the very basis of Vodou

RSVP As the cinema seating is restricted, reservations will be taken on a
first come, first serve, basis. A reception will follow the screening.

Please contact Maria Morrow to reserve you seat on 020 7255 2828
The Charlotte Street Gallery, 28 Charlotte Street, London W1T 2NA


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