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a856: what USAID did for Haiti, 1991-1996 <http://www.dec.org/pdf_docs/PNACA932.pdf>(fwd)

From: Stuart Leiderman <leidermn@hypatia.unh.edu>

"Haiti's complex emergency was not caused by ethnic hostility or civil
war.  Instead, the economic embargo imposed by the international
community in response to the 1991 coup and subsequent terror and
political repression created the need for humanitarian assistance."
from Donald G. McClelland/USAID, "Impact Evaluation: Providing Emergency
Aid to Haiti", May 1999, <http://www.dec.org/pdf_docs/PNACA932.pdf>

Leiderman comment:  Ten years later, the international community's
refusal to reinstate a half-billion dollars of grants and loans to Haiti
amounts to similar economic embargo that will create another
humanitarian emergency, repeating history, repeating, repeating...