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a859: a842: Toussaint GINOU Louverture (Saint-Vil adds...) (fwd)

From: Jean Saint-Vil <jafrikayiti@hotmail.com>

JA Allen is absolutely right!

Toussaint L'Ouverture was a french soldier - according to French Law.
Likewise, Pierre Toussaint was not a human being but an object and my great
great great grand mother was no more than a cow from which any fullgrown
white man could come and take milk every morning...

This is reality as defined by the barbaric white supremacist system. And as
long as one remains within that paradigm, there is no place for logic as
civilized human beings are called to comprehend it.

Unfortunately, humanity have been poisonned with such powerful mental
antibiotics for the last 500 years, many of us feel perfectly comfortable to
condone the White Supremacist System by using its frame of reference
(Columbus discovered America, Napoleon and George Washington were heroes -
yet Hitler was bad - what's the difference between them some ask - shut up!
and be nice now!). Be quiet while the ultimate hommage is being offered to
White Supremacy: Saint Pierre Toussaint Priye pou nou !(good nigger in life
and death - to the rescue of Massa's falling religion!)

As for those who find it difficult to understand why even Haitians and other
Blacks might find it perfectly okay to make Pierre Toussaint a saint, you
may be interested to learn what non-sense was taught to much of Haiti's
current intellectual class by the good old «Frères de l'Instruction
Chrétienne». Apparently, in one of the books used in elementary school,
there was this story depicting «the good slave» who  received a «good»
spanking from his master the night before he (the good slave) gave away his
life to save his Master. Add to that, the countless horror stories of
Christian brainwashing described in Jean Fouchard's «Les Marrons de la
liberté», and the current propaganda machine deployed to sanitize the
Transatlantic Slave Trade and help the culorits get away with murder + The
Catholic Church's desperate campaign aiming at sustaining itself with the
blood and sweat of its «subdued» peoples...(Africa, South America...) then
it becomes clearer why an «Affirmative action black Cardinal» is being
paraded around as a potential next Pope (yeah, right! Jesse for President
Now, an Uncle Tom Saint on his way to canonization. G$d is indeed g$$d!

Toussaint Ginou Louverture was the grandson of King Gaou Ginou (of the
Aradas people). Thus, he was an Afrikan who was born in captivity. He joined
his people's freedom struggle (unlike Pierre the coward nigger!) . Toussaint
Ginou Louverture died an Afrikan born in captivity. His identification with
France and calling himself a french General, is part of the «maronnage»
strategy his people had to use in order to survive while fighting the human
beasts.  What White Supremacy and its «legal» facade decrees is of no
material value to those who understand the World outside of  it's paradigm.
A Man is a man even when his tormentors call him a slave. A Afrikan is an
Afrikan, even after crossing the Atlantic on a slave ship.


«Was Jesus a jew or a Christian? Was P.W. Botha an Afrikan? Are the children
being starved to death by IMF, World Bank, and US policy our brothers and
sisters or mere faces on CNN? Blan, Gimme five cents !»