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a875: RE: a861: Re: a842: Toussaint GINOU Louverture (Saint-Viladds.. .) (fwd)

From: Karen Davis <kdavis@marygrove.edu>

Yes. The name of the seat of kingship for the Adja-Fon people of Dahomey is
normally now spelled "Allada." The present king of Allada, his historian,
scholars from the National University of Benin, and Prof. Guerin Montilus, a
Haitian scholar at Wayne State University who has studied at Allada for 30
years, are in continuing participation in preservation of this history.
There is now a statue erected to Toussaint Louverture at Allada--when I
visited there for the 2nd time in the year 2000, the statue had been painted
in bright colors. The history of Toussaint is well known in Benin.

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> > Toussaint Ginou Louverture was the grandson of King Gaou Ginou (of the
> > Aradas people).
> What are the historical evidences of this ancestry? Did any scholar find
> in
> Dahomey (Benin) traces of this Gaou    G(u)inou as a king (chief?) in the
> Arada's history. Thanks for your informations.
> Adrien Bance
> Montreal