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a874: a862: (a854): Lawmaker's assassination: Wharram replies toChamberlin (fwd)

From: Bruce Wharram <bruce.wharram@sev.org>

Mr. Chamberlain:
I must respectfully disagree that "the two versions matched perfectly":
1. The name spelling may be an "understandable difference, since the
pronunciation is identical", but I think that you and I would both want
our names spelled correctly in the news media regardless of the
2. After re-reading the two articles, they both do put the location as
3. Regarding the circumstances: AP said Dirogene was driving his pickup
truck, with his wife beside him and his daughter in the back with two
security guards.  Reuters said he was sitting in a car.  [A pickup truck
and a car are not the same.]
4. Regarding the cause: AP said "two men drove up on a motorcycle and
demanded Dirogene give them a ride .  .  . he refused".  Reuters said
"the shooting followed a brief argument between the bodyguards and the
gunmen."  [In one case the argument is between the gunmen and Dirogene -
in the other case it's between the gunmen and the bodyguards.  I would
say that this is a conflict.]
The format that was posted came out a bit skewed as to how I wrote it;
i.e. I tried to line up the comparisons in two columns, but it didn't
come out that way.

Bruce Wharram