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a880: (a874): Lawmaker's assassination: Chamberlain answers Wharram(fwd)

From: Greg Chamberlain <GregChamberlain@compuserve.com>

> Bruce Wharram writes:

> Regarding the cause: AP said "two men drove up on a motorcycle and
> demanded Dirogene give them a ride .  .  . he refused".  Reuters said
> "the shooting followed a brief argument between the bodyguards and the
> gunmen."  [In one case the argument is between the gunmen and Dirogene -
> in the other case it's between the gunmen and the bodyguards.  I would
> say that this is a conflict.]

Attackers appear.
"Give us a ride !"
Dirogene: "No !"
Bodyguards:  "Get outa here!"
Attackers: "F*** you all !"
(bang bang)

What on earth is the problem?  Both are correct.

>  AP said Dirogene was driving his pickup truck, with his wife beside
> him and his daughter in the back with two security guards.  Reuters
> said he was sitting in a car.   [A pickup truck and a car are not the

Indeed a pickup truck and a car are not quite the same.  But if you are
sitting in your vehicle stuck in a traffic jam (as both stories noted),
are you driving or sitting?  I suggest you are doing both.

Mr Wharram, please stay out of the news business.

        Greg Chamberlain