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a886: Carnival (fwd)

From: Steven White <polanve@optonline.net>

I have seen exactly four posts referring to Carnival this year.

The first (a416:  Carnival in the Caribbean (including Haiti)) remarks:
"True to tradition, carnival also is an opportunity to criticize and poke
fun at the leaders, in this case President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. But that
criticism appears set to reach unprecedented heights in Haiti this year, led
by biting lyrics from the country's best known "roots" music group, Boukman

The next (a767:  Washington Post --  Political Notes Fill Carnival In Haiti)
along the same lines: "What has emerged from the streets this year is an
unpleasant twist for a president who once benefited from carnival's
fulminations: Jean-Bertrand Aristide and his party are suffering most from
the darts of the most popular songs."

This was followed by a query (a782:  Wash.Post article on Carnival 2002
(Saint-Vil asks for eye-witness feedback)): "I wonder if anyone, currently
in Haiti, can tell us a bit about other themes covered during carnival 2002.
And, please can you tell us how these lyrics are received by Haitians, the
local alien (MRE) class, yourself and, of course, the ever-present U.S.

The last (a879: Political Notes Fill Carnival in Haiti) is merely a
reposting of the Post article (a782).

I don't think these articles are giving us a complete picture of Carnival
2002.  I also wonder why no one has responded to Mr. Saint-Vil's request.