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We live in a time of unparalleled instances of democide, genocide and ethnocide. The Holocaust, the genocides in Darfur, Turkey, Cambodia, Tibet, & Bosnia, the disappearances in Argentina & Chile, the death squad killings in El Salvador, Stalin's purges, the killing of the Tutsi in Rwanda . . . . and the list goes on.

Mass violence, torture, violations of fundamental human rights, and the mistreatment of human beings is not a new aspect of humanity; documentation of such events spans the historical record. However, technology has taken these cruelties to new levels.

It is imperative that a greater understanding of the psychological, cultural, political, and societal roots of human cruelty, mass violence, and genocide be developed. We need to continue to examine the factors which enable individuals collectively and individually to perpetrate evil/genocide and the impact of apathetic bystanders as fuel for human violence. While an exact predictive model for mass violence/human cruelty is beyond the scope of human capability, we have an obligation to develop a model that highlights the warning signs and predisposing factors for human violence and genocide. With such information, we can develop policies,strategies, and programs designed to counteract these atrocities.

Click Here for Holocaust and Genocide Studies Recommended Readings concerning Genocide & Democide; The Holocaust; the Armenian genocide; Bosnia-Herzegovina; Burma; Cambodia; East Timor; Rwanda & Burundi; and other texts related to Holocaust and Genocide Studies

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Click here for Aging as a Human Rights Page: Includes information concerning elder abuse, ageism, gay and lesbian aging, nursing home selection, and a facts on aging quiz.

Click here for Women and Global Human Rights Page: Includes information concerning a broad range of womens' global human rights concerns resources and readings.

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This chronology covers events related to the Holocaust for the years 1920 through 1945.

Course Information and Recent Publications/Presentations

ONTOP Handout, Fall 2010: Dancing with Enmity: The Psychology of Hate Groups

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NITOP Participant Idea Exchange Handout: When International Crisis, Terrorism, and War Hit Home

Woolf, L. M., & Hulsizer, M. R. (2004). OTRP Curriculum Resource I: Psychology of Peace and Mass violence -- Genocide, Torture, and Human Rights: Informational Resources (2004)

This 27-page document contains two annotated bibliographies of materials on genocide, torture, and human rights issues written from a psychosocial perspective. The first bibliography includes major journal articles, book chapters, books, and Internet resources on these issues organized by topic. The second bibliography is comprised of reference materials for background information and further study. In addition, there is an annotated list of relevant journals. Available for free download (PDF format)

Woolf, L. M., & Hulsizer, M. R. (2004). OTRP Curriculum Resource II: Psychology of Peace and Mass Violence -- War, Ethnopolitical Conflict, and Terrorism: Informational Resources (2004)

This 30-page document contains an annotated bibliography of materials on war, ethnopolitical conflict, terrorism, and peace issues written from a psychosocial perspective. The bibliography includes major journal articles, book chapters, books, and Internet resources on these issues organized by topic. In addition, there is an annotated list of relevant journals. Available for free download (PDF format)

Woolf, L. M., & Hulsizer, M. R. (2004). OTRP Curriculum Resource III: Psychology of Peace and Mass Violence: Instructional Resources (2004)

This 33-page document consists of resource materials for developing whole courses and lectures on mass violence and peace. For incorporating specific topics into existing courses, lecture suggestions and selected references are given. For developing and revising whole courses, sample syllabi are provided. In addition, lists of relevant videotapes, Internet sites/listservs, and professional organizations are included. Available for free download (PDF format)

War And Peace: Curricular, Classroom, And Lecture Incorporation Strategies, Presentation given at the 111th Annual American Psychological Association Convention

NITOP Poster Presentation: Genocide, Mass Violence, and Human Rights: A Path to Internationalizing the Psychology Curriculum and Promoting Social Responsibility.

USHMM (April 6, 1999) Presentation: Survival and Resistance: The Netherlands Under Nazi Occupation

Book Review: Henry Greenspan's On Listening to Holocaust Survivors: Recounting and Life History



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