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Co-Chairpersons: Bill and Gerry Brady Miller

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century home plaque Left: Century Home Plaque on the Glaser Home at 6850 Plateau

There are many standing century houses in Dogtown. The Dogtown Historical Society seeks to identify these, document them as century houses and then hopefully to have plaques mounted on these homes. The reason that this project is so important to the history of Dogtown is that the coming of the World's Fair in 1904 brought with it a significant change in Dogtown's history. For those working at and on the Fair, that change came a few years before the Fair itself. Thus we have chosen the nice round numbered year of 1900 to focus on.

After that period Dogtown had a population boom that forever changed it. Thus in documenting the century homes in 1900, we turn not only the century, but the millenium.


Below are various files which the Century Home Committee of the Dogtown Historical Society have prepared for this project.


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