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Louis Schmidt was born on Brock Ave. and lived there all his life until just a couple of months ago when he retired to Branson, Missouri. I had the delight to meet Louis just a couple of days before he left. I was getting started on my research and he turned over everything for me to read and copy. I was able to make xerox copies of much of his material, scan a few photos and talk with him. Then, just before our last meeting ended, he allowed me to copy the numerous essays he'd written from his notes.

I will be encorporating much of Louis' material into my own essays as times goes on. Louis did write his essays in all capital letters, so, in using them in other essays I will eventually have to transpose them into regular form. Howeve, I wanted all serious readers to have the chance to read what Louis himself has written, an awesome amount of material. It is contained in the files below.

Corbett notes: There is a good deal of repetition in the miscellaneous topics files and some of the main topic files. However, I haven't had time to carefully edit through and see what is an exact duplicate and where Louis has added material. So at this time I present all these files as he gave them to me. Some day I hope to have them edited by me or some volunteer where we delete exact duplicate material. For now, you get to read some things twice, even three times. No big deal. Repetition is often an aid to memory!

Bob Corbett, November 1999,


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