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#36: Re: "uneducated of north" Conde comments

From: ALIX CONDE <alico@worldnet.att.net>

>Whatever they have now is the problem. The "uneducated of the North" have
never had the opportunity to live in a democratic state. The Haitian
"democratic state" was very short lived. It was obtained through the
peaceful vote of the "uneducated of the North", the South, the East and the
West. That was such a courageous act, after November 29th, and so many
deaths, so many killings. They went ahead because they followed the rules,
and the rules said that the majority should win in peace. After that came
the coup, the occupation and then, whatever we have now.  How is it then
that their behavior in such a state be critiqued? How did whatever we have
now come into being? Who are the responsible parties?  What do you think
about those who violated the rules and "corrected" the ballot by the bullet?
Besides, the people did not organize those elections. They did not, and
still do not have the power to. They just seized the moment and ran with the
ball, like a steal in basketball. La chance qui passe. That chance was
transformed into whatever we have now, by whom, "the uneducated of the
North? I doubt it.
Alix Conde