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7217: Re: 7205: Re: 7163: Re: 7158: Need Info Again (fwd)

From: STEMMINHAITI <STEMMinHaiti@maf.org>

In defense of MFI, they are a private not-for-profit organization and it seems 
to me they have the right to set their own policies.  I am a member of MFI, and 
I don't always agree with the way they see things, but I certainly defend their 
right to do it.  It is important for any service organization to determine what 
their priorities are and then stick to it or they get going in too many 
different directions and then dilute their services.  MFI does a good job of 
utilizing their limited resources to help Haiti and other countries.  They have 
always been there for their subscribers and often go the second mile. Hoowever 
they do more than provide service for their subscribers.  They also have flown 
in supplies and  personnel for disaster relief, such as  flying water and 
supplies to the Bahamas the day after Hurricane Floyd in Sept. of '99, and then 
continued to make 15 more flights over the next two weeks, bringing in 85,000 
lbs. of donated supplies.  During the flight embargo against Haiti back in l994 
they got permission from the UN to make flights into Haiti for critical supplies 
and medical needs, and to  my knowledge they were the only ones.  I believe they 
also flew in and out non-MFI subscribers at that time too.  So please don't 
berate them.