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1775: Re: U.S. plot theory : Driver comments

From: Tom F. Driver <tfd3@columbia.edu>

Mark Gill says:

>  the talk about US interests in Haiti is so overrated not to even warrant
>  comment..

But it does warrant comment -- a lot of it.  And the reason is that the U.S. 
Government has, in the century just past, spent an enormous amount of 
time, energy, and money attending to Haiti.  That includes two military 
invasions and occupations, just for starters.  Repeatedly, the U.S. has acted 
to thwart the aims of popular movements, none of which could be regarded 
as Communistic.  It is a point of intelligence to ask why the U.S. 
Government does this, and does it consistently.  And it is always intelligent, 
I believe, to analyse such matters in economic terms.  In other words, follow 
the money.  After a century of U.S. interference (I think we should say 
dominance) in Haiti, who's got the money?  And who hasn't?

Let's all resolve to use the new century to change that picture.

Tom Driver

Tom F. Driver
New York City