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9967: Haitian Benefit Concert at Carnegie Hall (fwd)

From: JJEANPIERRE1@aol.com

Mapou Productions, ltd. 
    "The Haitian Concert at Carnegie Hall"

For Immediate Release
Sunday, December 13,  2001
Contact:    Lili Cerat
Mapou Productions Ltd.
T. 845.425.6721  F. 845.425.1764

Spring Valley, N.Y.-  Since the dreary events of September 11, 2001,  a great 
number of communities and performers have joined forces to raise spirits and 
money for the families of those who perished under the rubble of the Twin 
Although it is commonly known within our community that many of those who 
lost their lives that fateful day came from Haiti, in their lists, New York 
City and Washington officials as well as the major press have seldom included 
those Haitians.   In addition, a great number of those Haitians were 
"undocumented" preventing their families from benefiting from Social Security 
and most government programs.  Among those who have survived, many  workers 
have been since displaced. 

On Saturday December 29, 2001, Mapou Productions, Ltd. presents at Carnegie 
Hall at 7:00 PM "The Haitian Community Salutes Our Heroes", a benefit concert 
featuring: "Kiskeya, The Haitian Orchestra"  with Beethova Obas, Emeline 
Michel, Gary French, Jean-Claude Eugène, Michel Pressoir, Voix et Tambours 
d'Haiti, Ricardo Frank, Marc Mathelier, La Troupe de Danse Choucoune, Opera 
Sopranos Marie-Michèle Sorel and Carline Keil and introducing Francesca 

Proceeds from this event will go to Brooklyn based The Haitian Centers 
Council (HCC) to create a fund helping the families of the Haitians who died 
that day as well as the displaced Haitian workers.  

This concert will serve as an opportunity to, once more, honor the lives and 
memories of all those who passed on at the WTC while recognizing the 
Herculean efforts carried out by our firefighters, emergency workers and 
police officers. 
Tickets are available Carnegie Hall Box Office 212-247-7800 or HCC