Film List:  List and Comments

Prepared by Bob Corbett

First is simply a list of the films I know of. After the bald list, comes the list repeated, this time with comments and sometimes ordering information and other data.

The films that have  **  in front of them are films I have in my library. All the others are films I would like to have in my library. If you know where I could get a copy I'd love to know.

Again:   **   means I have the film in my library. If the   **   is not in front of the film, I am trying to add it to my library. Do you know sources? If so, please email me:

Bob Corbett

Almost all of these films are available on video. In most cases if I know where to get the films I have included it. I have been building this list of films for some years. I would appreciate any additions or comments on any of the films to add to what's here. Thanks,

Bob Corbett


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Bob Corbett